69 →→⇒ 63

Those numbers are quite important nowadays. I’ll try to explain what’s their meaning in my bad english.

  1.  Since last Christmas I’ve got my new best friend in the kitchen. And “he” totally ruined my existing diet, which I had been used to since childhood until now.
  2. I’ve also started to do a lot of core stability trainings to prevent variety of injuries. It’s my almost everyday routine. Thanks Judith Wyder for a huge amount of inspiration.
  3. This two factors easily leaded into a “rapid” increase of my training volume. The hardest question for me is when should I take a rest days and how long may this period be. I’m a restless guy. Luckily I have a lot of experienced people around me who don’t mind to advice me whenever I need it.

–  Add. 1)  I’m not such an extremist to call myself a vegan or fruitarian but I don’t eat meat so much often. What I do eat are smoothies, which is consist of vegetable, fruit and some powder like berries and nuts (50/40/10) especially after trainings. I found out it’s the best way how to refuel your body with energy quickly. I can go for second training soon after first one without feeling heavy or being tired from digestion of food and that’s awesome. For dinners I have a “normal” meals and breakfast is usually consist of porridge with honey and different kind of nuts and berries

–  Add. 2) I try to keep three-day period of practise with one day off after. Everytime I start with 10 min stomach exercise (video on youtube) afterwards I do judith’s exercises especially those balance on gymnastic ball.

–  Add. 3) Since 1st November I’ve been training without any seriouss difficulties. Since the end of the summer untill the end of the season I had some troubles with my left foot “transverse arch” – google translate. And I could feel it a bit also during the first weeks of winter period. But now it’s OK. In the language of numbers: 161h of training (128h just running – 1500km) Those changes of my diet habits have resulted in a weight loss. Normally I had during winter around 68-70kg. Now it’s much lower 63-64. Of course I can feel the diffrence when running and I can run much more.

EOC in Czech republic is getting closer and closer and I’m focusing on it a lot. Almost ½ of the work towards it is already done. Let’s hope the second half will be as good as the first one. 

MIR_1921 S-100 L 0

RD-víkendovka – sprint Opočno ((c)Kade) 24.1.2016

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