TC Barbate (ESP) first part

Hi from Spain.

I can honestly say we are training pretty hard here in southest part of Europe. I’m trying to upload all my technical trainings on my DOMA archiv, but we have some troubles with connection. At least all my trainings are at garmin connect. I have to say that my map reading technique is quite poor now days, hope to get better til the end of TC. It’s much hardder than it looks from the maps. Those pointy busches are everywhere and sometimes higher than two metres, o it’s hard to hold on on your compass. And most of the flat parts are pretty dense. white forrest is sometimes more or less dark green. Anyway I’m so glad to be here..

And one thing I didn’t suspeced is that I couldn’t ski in czech mountains, but I can ski in Spain.. 🙂 l.php.jpg

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