AOM, night relay

Start supposed to be at 19:00. And night trainings we usually started at 19:45. Whereas we had just five_k long first leg I thought I’ll take just a little silva lamp to see better into the map, because I woun’t need strong light to see under my feet. …BUT…

Finally, we started at 19:10 and roughly in the middle of the course the darkness swalloved me and I almost couldn’t see under my feets much less branches in front of me. That didn’t stoped me from attacking the first place in the pack. Unfortunately, I made a huge mistake when attacking control number 9 (of 18k.), Made a “parallel” mistake, most likely I just didn’t folowed my compass, and found myself approximately 350 meters away from the control on another one (code 66), which I passed on my way to my first control. I was stupid! If I just stayed in the group it wouldn’t have happened.

Eventually I managed to pull off some time from leading group in last loop, because I’m quite blindly ran on backs of the guys, with proper lights. So I jumped from group to group and finally finished not so much behind .. Running feeling was great, and that’s super cool after so much trainings I’ve done here.. A lesson, which I should take from this experiance to the next night race is: Don’t play the hero and take a proper gun/light.

The pace was pretty high even with that massive misstake of mine(2min). I ran 4:27/km.

BTW… Map is in my DOMA archive. And I also added all other trainings except two sprint sessions, in which I have to draw my routechoises first.

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