Success at selection races for EOC (8:53/1./1.)

Czech selections for forest disciplines of EOC 2016 were held last weekend in Šumperk and surroundings. The battle for places in the team started on Friday with 3k track test in Šumperk. On Saturday there was a long distance on the map Skřítek (last year Czech long dist champs) and on Sunday the programme ended up with middle distance on small area of Bradlo rocks.

Track test 3km (Šumperk): “good feeling” – 8:53 – 3rd place (5 points)

My PB on 3km had been 8:56 earlier this year (13th february). Last year I was quite unsatisfied with my time 9:03 (with focusing just on sprint after WOC selections). This year I’m having a good feeling during running on track. It’s quite easy for me to run 2:45/km at least for one km. But I wanted to show my strenght in the forrest not on the track. So I started preatty easy with group of runners running for time around 9:00. If I compare my effort last time (13.2.) and this friday it’s completely different. On february I made myself a new HR-max 184 and my average heart beat was 174 It was also my new PB on that distance 8:56:06. This friday my average HR was 162, HR-max 173, and I made again a new PB 8:53:00 with some saved energy for upcoming races. splits on national web page.

Results: Petržela 8:43, Procházka 8:44, Nykodým 8:53, Šedivý 8:55, Král 8:57, Kubelka 8:57, Hubáček J. 8:58, Chloupek 9:10, Hájek 9:12, Minář 9:16, Kubát 9:21, Semík 9:32

3rd-photo: Not alone at all.. Jan Šeďivý just a second behind, followed by PK and Jonáš. 😉

Long Distance(Skřítek): “Almost a perfect race” – 1st place (6 points)

Just a few routechoise mistakes for me, but not a major ones. Already at second control it was faster to run across the top of the hill as Jan (Ňuf) Petržela did. Than to fifth control I should have ran a bit lower than I did, again aroun 20-30″ mistake. From the beginning I was fighting for the current 1st place. And in the end it was a close fight between me and Jan Šedivý (KOK guys). I gave Jan a chance to the last control where I was running to much around. 45″ mistake.

2Drerunner, splints, analysis at czech orienteering FB page, map

Middle distance(Bradlo): “Almost a perfect race nr.2” – 1st place (6 points)

Jan Petržela: “The last race of the weekend – very rocky and stony middle distance on the Bradlo hill. It was important to keep the right direction, to be agressive and accurate in executing the legs. ” I managed to stay focused all the way until the finish line. I made some small mistakes during the race at C6./12./15./22. together something like 45″. Globally it was quite easy, yet there’ve been one dense area with reduced visibility, where you should have had full control in. (start – C1., C8. – C11., C17. – C19.) My biggest time loss for best split times was 12 second.

2Drerunner, splits, map 1/2, 2/2

All photos made by Kade

All important informations at national webpage

Selected! List of nominated for WC and EOC

There were Jan Šedivý, Jan Procházka and Vojtěch Král pre-selected so we were fighting for 2 direct nominations. After all it was me with 17 points and Jan Petržela with 10 points who got the place in the team for forest disciplines. So far it seems I will run long, middle and relay. The team will be completed by the coach’s decision in a few days. And Miška is selected as well, which is great. 🙂

This weekend I found out how important is to belive in yourself (selfconfidance), in your own skills and  your good winter preparations.

EOC – article, WorldofO – article

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