Sprint champs, two weeks befor EOC

I’m still struggling with my big toe injury since world cup in Poland. It was better quite fast, but it’s still painfull and it can be for a long time. It’s so annoying to get injured just after an awesome winter preparation and so close to EOC, so I can’t give it a rest now. This is the worst timing, which could have happened.

Sprint champs weekend

Sprint: No diskvalification at this year’s sprint champ…

… Unfortunately not as expected as well. Sprint champ is somehow enchanted for me. My best result is from first year as a senior from 2011 (4th place) Since than I’m struggling wit my performances. Don’t know why. This year I checked all the controls twice not to be disqualified once again. But I almost misspunched again.

During my warm up I was thinking about skipping the race because of the pain in the big toe. It was really terrible. But I wanted to run so badly. Still don’t know if it was a good decision to start. But during the race I didn’t feel the pain.

On the way to the second control I was preparing 4th control and that was the reason why I almost skipped short leg to third one. That cost me 18s. During the race I thought it was much more. Then it was OK until I caught up Ondřej Semík on the way to 18th C., who was running one minute ahead of me. He was confused at that time, shouted at me that we are at wrong place. Unluckily I was to tired to belive in myself and got confused as well. I was at the right place, but I had to get it checked and lost 15-20″. Next time I’ll be smarter. That was the point where I was nearly cought up by Jan Procházka. And I lost my will to fight a bit. In the finish I was 52″ behind Vojtěch on 7th place. And once again disappointed of my poor performace.


Sprint relay: Silver triple for ZBM

We had a really bad start into the race. But since first leg our members did a great job and we climbed up into the second place. 18 (2:04 behind) → 7 (2:30 behind) → 5 (1:41 behind) → 2 (1:03 behind).

I was sent to fight from 5th place 29s behind second team (LPU A – Kamenický). I knew it was in my power to get there. And I started really hard to get into the contact. I managed that at control number 5. after 1/3 of the race. Since then I was just trying to keep that speed I was starting with. I was quite selfconfident when running into the last loop. And we had even time to celebrate as a team during the last meters of the race.

GPS – 2nd / 3rd / 4th / MAP / RESULT

TV Broadcast


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