EOC long-Q, Men-C winner

EOC has started for me today after being a spectator for sprints! And it was better than expected!

Winning today’s long-Q heat-C was a big surprise for me after some mistakes during the race. And not as good running feeling on the way. Especialy in the middle part from C4.-C10. where I made four mistakes together maybe around three minutes. See  the GPS!
Unfortunately I stepped wrongly on my big toe once again. Hopefully I’ll be able to run tomorrow. Now it seems So. But in the morning it’s usually much worse. And that’s not the only injury I have from todays race. I also kicked a stone with my thigh muscle above the left knee. But I’m still optimistic! I would rather be second in the Q-group, because I don’t really want to start as the last man.
The most interesting and terrifying thing is that estimated times were supposed to be 60′ and we did avg. 70′. Tomorrow it should be 100′, reality 110-115 winner??? Ooops. Let’s hope I can make it into the finish with honor.
Now it’s recovery time ahead. Follow me tomorrow from 15:05 live.
long-ME-dobeh.jpg((C) Kade)

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