17th at middle EOC

Today, I’m a bit disappointed, cause one error stood between me and the finish in the top 10. I was caught by incredible Bergman, running first part of the race like nobody else (see the GPS record). I can say I helped him a bit in the area 11-13C. where he was getting closer and closer to my back. After he caught me totaly  I believed he is doing a great race, cause I didn’t make any bigger mistake than hesitating in some places. And I also knew I didn’t execute the long leg to C9. perfectly. Unfortunately we made a huge mistake to C14. where we attacked control area pretty fast. finding a big stone. Didn’t see the small one with flag. So we went searching the control higher. After relocating at northern group of rocks we managed to find the control finaly. Then it was more or less just about running after leaving the tricky slope at C15.

GPS / SPLITS / more info

(The only big mistake in company with Gustav Bergman. My mistake I was blindly following him on this first leg where he got infron of me. I wanted to get some rest after the hard part of the race.)

Awesome Jan Šedivý saved our team with secured 6th place and DIPLOMA! Tomorrow we are running in this composition: (Petržela → Šedivý → Král); (Nykodým → Kubát → Procházka) Let’s see which team will make it to the results. 😉

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