Czech team for WOC16 Sweden

I was selected to run sprint and long. Yeah!! Especially happy about the long.

Selection is Here

selection races splits and GPS tracking

As you might know there were two selection races last week on thuesday and wednesday (middle/long). I made an analyze before. Those races were unfortunately affected by illness of (Kosová, Král and Šedivý). We all knew that Jan Šedivý will be selected anyway after EOC to run middle, long and relay. And that’s alright.

But I think it’s absolutly wrong to violate selection criteria as they were this year once again. Pavel Kubát, who won middle test race was suppose to get a spot on middle at WOC. NO DOUBT! Everybody congratulate him for that directly after the race. But today we were all shocked by announcement of the WOC team, cause he is not selected for it! He’s too good to make any objection. But it’s not wrong just because of Pavel’s case. I think this can decrease motivation of many young athletes to take part at selection races in the future. Because you suddenly know that winning the race is not enough to make it into the team. So why should they pay for all those expenses connected with this selection week if they have this knowledge?!

Another situation is with Jan Petržela, who didn’t participate at any of those five sprint watched races and still get a sprint spot with place also in the mix relay. But there is probably nobody else, who has a chance to get to the final at WOC. So it’s slightly different situation.

To relief this situation, there is a video of our preparation for long selection race. You have to see it more times cause you can’t catch everythink in one view.

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