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After really hactic spring with 33 competitions in 10 weeks it’s again time for some hard training. My last important race of the spring was czech middle distance champ on 26 June. So until the WOC begins there are almost two months of a new training period. For me it will be sprint and long at WOC.

Gustav Bergman hit the nail on the head with his article about spring season.

PreWOC part1.:

passed away already on 7 July, but I was too lazy to write anything about it. We had a lot of nice trainings in Strömstad area. Included three key trainings: Middle intervals, relay intervals, and one whole middle distance. First two training we ran together with french team. And the last one with some runners from HSK (Olav, Jarkko, Mari, Ida,…) I was to tired to run those relay intervals. Already at first “loop” I fell down twice on the way to the starting flag (twisted my ankle a little bit) and than like 4 times more in the forest. After that I decided to give up. Rather quit training than injured myself I thought. That was the only one session I skipped during official TC. I managed to collect the last bits of strength to make quite a good run on the last fast middle. All my maps are in DOMA archiv. And there is comparison of me and Olaf Lundanes on the last middle. (2:26 behind Olaf in the finish) 2Drerun

After three more days in Kassen we began our four days-fjord trip. Timeline of photos on my FB.

Since 14th July I’ve been training in Kristiansand, where I’m after 4-years (longer than one day). Training is going good. Now I’m having a free week trying to absorb those trainings before WUOC.

Some more pictures at my instagram.



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