WUOC with potatoe and vanila taste

A lot of water alredy float away since the end of WUOC in Hungary. I’m sorry for my faithful readers, who were waiting for such a long time for this post. But I had to aim all my remaining strength on our last national team TC in Strömstad area last few days.

This year was WUOC just one piece of puzzle on the way to WOC2016. But I’m glad I could take part at this competition. It was so well organized! All races with high quality level of courses.

  1. Sprint at Lillafüred was amazing. It was so tricky. I was struggling a bit with my route choises. We were surprised with first part of the course going further off embargoes area. But medals were quite far away from my shared 4th place (with Jan Petržela). Kris’s performace was like two leves higher than others. You can easily see from result’s how important is the preparation before the race. (Swiss/GBs/Czechs and Pedersli) they all had prepared the map. (4th)
  2. Long distance. I felt some twitching in my legs being just a spectator in front of my computer that day. As I knew before the championship that long distance might suits me the most. But within WOC really close ahead and also within WUOC program I decided to miss this race. And yet I enjoyed watching it.(skiped)
  3. Mix relay. Well, we didn’t have the best start, but as a team we managed to climb up into the silver position. On the last leg Denisa decided our silver already on the way to the first control. She ran out from norway’s Ingjerd and then she just hold on the gap ahead of her. Actually she was cutting off some time from GB’s lead. But GB was in the big lead after another great performance of Kris Jones on the 3rd leg. (2nd)
  4. Middle distance at Jávorkút. As I’m focusing on WOC mostly. I decided to spent whole summer at Scandinavia. So I didn’t take a part at our wuoc team TC in Miskolc two weeks before actual races. I’m mentioning it now because I spent like an hour at training (warm up) map straight before the middle. This time I was a bit disapointed about my second 4th place. Luckily Pavel managed to climb into the silver position. This race was influenced by starting position. Some small pathes were made in undergrowth during the race. (4th)
  5. Relay at Jávorkút. Yeah this is probably the saddest story of wuoc. Before the race we thought it would have be a medal for sure.. And we went for it. But relay is relay and paper assumptions not always reflect results. As it was this time. Jan started pretty well. He gave me a good starting position (2nd) few second behind Spain. As I wrote in my map archiv before: (“First forking I had the shortest. Second was probably equal.. On the control 7. I was in the lead by 40”. And then on 10th control I was cought by CZE-B/SUI/SWE. (lost 1min there – longer forking). between 10-13 I lost 1:40 to the best times mostly because I made a huge mistake to the 13. And a small one to 12th control. Another big mistake came in the last loop at 19th (1:30) My mistakes cost us 3:10 and that was too much!
    After I changeovered to Pavel (on 4th place) I didn’t cross the finish line so my time is approximately 50″ shorter than in the result list and his time is longer. “). Pavel was trying to put us back into the game for medals.. And he despite some small mistakes he succeeded. But the decisive moment came on second last control in the forest. And unluckily for us Pavel was the last one to find it. So we finished on 4th palce. For me it was 3rd 4th place and for Jan second.

As we call 4th place the potatoe medal in Czech republic we could have celebrate the end of this perfect championship in Hungary with potatoe salad.  (4./2./4./4.)

You wonder why I wrote into the headline also vanila taste? That’s cause I got some power powder from my new partner Vitalvibe, it’s not just protein stuff I’m using as an regeneration drink with my smoothie, I can use whatever healthy supplements I want to. I can honestly say I can feel the difference now. So if you are interested in to know that kind of feeling you are warmly welcome at their webpage.

All maps in my archive.

Photo credit: Michal Krajčík and WUOCwebpage

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