This season was a big milestone in my career. It was not that magnificent as Lucas Basset did last year, but anyway I’m satisfied with this „little“ progress. Step by step almost every year I developed myself in all aspects of the orienteering. I’ve got a bit faster this year making 3000m test in 8:53 running with a small handbrake because of following selection races that weekend.
What I’m the most proud of is a progress at long distance races (selection triple, EOC(15th), WOC(14th), CZEchamps(1st), WCfinal(9th)) and especially of my performance stability in all international races (WC/EOC/WOC), which has leaded to the 18th place in overall World Cup and also to the 26th place in WRE ranking (I’ll be 16th on 25th May 2017 – when the first round of WC will be held in Finland).
On the other hand my sprint performances were quite poor compared with forest distances. I shall focus on sprint bit more in coming winter season.

Thanks to all my supporters! It would not be possible without you.

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