Life changing news

  1. OK Linné
  2. H.S.H. s.r.o.
  3. conference: “How to proceed in the Czech orienteering?”
  4. Strava

OK Linné

ok-linneMy new Scandinavia chapter is starting in sweden’s Uppsala. I’m grateful for all I had been given in Kristiansad and I will never forget that. You made me better person and also orienteerer. I felt there is a right time for new challenges. I’m not going to write all my reasons why I did it. Take it as an fact. I’m looking forward to build new friendships in Uppsala and also to train in undiscovered environment there. I hope it’s going to be mutually beneficial trade in terms of experience. I’m looking forward to train together with Albin, Rasmus, Oskar, Thierry and with others.

Article about me, Lucas, Vincent, Joey, Simon & Ken joining OK Linné.oklinne-25mana


My new sponsor HSHsport is a company with long tradition of importing sport equipment to Czech republic. Their most valuable partners are Suunto & VJ. Thanks for your trust. I’ll do my best to promote those top products.

How to proceed in the Czech orienteering?”

I participated at this conference. It was my first time to be present at some federation session. I heard plenty of really good ideas . We agreed on many different issues. The biggest problem is lack of an extra money for proceeding faster. So we can support just few ideas. Let’s see if it was a good choice.


I moved from Garmin connect to Movescount, because now I use Suunto Spartan Ultra, but I think Strava is a better solution so I moved my link there. Now if you click on bookmark Trainings you’ll be redirected to my Strava account.

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