Video2016 & my first week in Uppsala

Shots are mostly from EOC. It’s really short just 1:47. It’s a lot about nature. Enjoy Petr Hostaš’s work.

As my first week in Uppsala just ended today I should say I’m really lucky about flatmates&teammates. All is going well and I also started to know the city little bit better. Since sunday I’ve been in my low running mode for recovery reasons, but from tomorrow on I’ll start with harder days once again. I also made some work for my batchelor thesis last days, which made me be little bit proud of myself because I had troubles with starting with it after eight months. Unfortunately my swedish is not getting better so far, but not that much surprisingly cause I didn’t invest so much time for it yet. During those hard training days there is just time for running, preparing food, eating stretching and running again and afterward I’m so tired that there is no power left for it. 14915617_10153850887181987_2061903595161335468_n

That’s what I’m struggling with the most. Trying to work on it this winter season.

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