Skiing camp in Orsa (Grönklitt) with OK Linné squad

Hey dude! How are you doing? How was the skiing camp? 😀

Hey man, I’m doing well.. Still sleeping more then usually.. Cause I trained to much up there.. 😀 I did 18h of training in 2,5 days. 16,5h of skiing almost 230k. I managed to do over 100k on saturday in two sessions. 😉
How are you doing down there? (Gran Canaria)
Haha thats extreme.
Going fine here as well. But not making 18h…
 It’s much easier on skis.. 😉 I borrowed skis from Anders and those were perfectly prepared. He made a poles for me in exact length I needed as well. Great guy.. Going Marcialonga this weekend
Say hello to everyone..
I met David Andersson up there with Erik Rost&Tove they had a skiO training.. Erik asked me if I would like to try, but I was to scared to try it, cause I didn’t have my own skis and I didn’t want to destroy them by falling somewhere in a sharp turn.. 😀
It was a great weekend. We also had jacuzzi and sauna.. I was too tired to do sauna more then once.. but jacuzzi was really cool.. Helped me so much to do more trainings. Noone else used it.. I don’t no why… but good for me! 😀

We were lucky to have a perfect weather conditions whole weekend. Lot of skiing tracks everywhere. In the beginning I was doing mostly the longest loop 24k, but later I found out that green 10k loop was better with lot of small uphills and downhills. Much better for classic style → not so much of double poling.

For those who are eager to follow my activities and doesn’t have Strava account yet. I guess you can’t really follow my individual workout details? So I would suggest you to make your own account. It’s easy!
  1. Strava is for FREE
  2. Don’t have to add anything if you are not eager to have your own training there
  3. You can use your FB account to register faster with just one click
  4. Then you’ll search my name (Miloš Nykodým)
  5. and click on FOLLOW
  6. → click on Dashboard or on my profile, where you’ll see all my training with all it’s details
  7. Peace of cake!

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