Week 22.(January)

It’s “just” 21 weeks now till start of WOC in Estonia. So far I’ve been training without any major injuries&illnesses and that’s why I can do a lot of trainings nowadays. Still I have to be carefull with right timing of my resting periods. It’s kind of tricky to hook it up into the calendar, which is full of many TC&races.

In last two weeks I did more training (51,7h) than during the whole November (46h). I’m just a lucky (bas….)guy.. I knew when to leave Czech republic. Cause Uppsala is snow less this time and Turnov is full of snow. Who would bet on this before winter started?

Last week I was running mostly, not like the week ago when we had that skiing TC I wrote before. But  I guess that’s why I could run so much (20,5h-running/week is my new personal best). And it hadn’t been just easy long runs. I did two interval sessions, 10km in 35′ and as a cherry on the top of the cake I did 3000m indoor track race on sundays afternoon in 9:14.18 as a 13th run that week after more then 200km in my legs. That was the first time I did 3000m just for fun, I wasn’t hunting any specific time, just enjoying competiton and focus on placing. I also did many orienteering trainings as you can see in my DOOMa archiv above.

As we are approximately in the middle of the winter preparation I would like to do first small summary. Since 31.10. I trained 205,3h (143,5h running)sofar

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