Swedish league #1&2 + last two months


In february I continued with my resting period from the end of january (until 3.2) then I steadily increased volume of training (till 15.2.) where I needed to squeeze another resting period before leaving for Portugal (20.2.→10.3.)

There we had a perfect training camp with a lot of high quality trainings. Started in Sao Pedro de Moel with Thierry, who is among other an excellent cook → next stop in Castelo de Vide/Alter de Chao(POM) area. POM hadn’t went exactly as I wanted but at least I enjoyed high quality terrains and organization. Also nice to met all my Portugues friends in one place. Then we moved to Viseu area with OK Linné camp, this part of the training camp we partly shared with KR&Koovee guys. The culmination of our camp came in Mira, this time only with Albin, Erik and KR guys. I was already bit tired, but I managed to “complete” most of the training with honor, except some really tricky night trainings. “I still haven’t published maps from Portugal. I’m taking this as task for upcoming days.” And in the end I also started to feel my lower back a bit so I really needed another training break (11.3.→15.3.) video by Jakob AnderssonIMG_0266


On 11th March Šulda came in town. So I had some nice company for one and half week. We had good time here together. Running a lot in Nåsten&Lunsen.

On 22nd March we took a ride to Göteborg for 10mila trainings with Linné guys to get ready for one of the most important races of the year. Unfortunately I had to leave this camp quite soon (on saturday early morning) to get in time for another training camp. This time with czech team in Clermont Ferrand FRA, which was my first camp this year with national team (25.2.→2.4.).

Camp in CF had a high quality status with many technically demanding and challenging courses with focus on fast sessions after several cognitive trainings from the beginning. We had some trainings exactly the same as in the 2010 training camp, which we shared with Swedish team. Report from camp is HERE (in czech) In the beginning I was quite disappointed because we didn’t have enough training units in my opinion. From my previous camps this year I was used to do much more. And I do maybe even more on my daily basis

“Almost all my trainings from Göteborg & Clermont Ferrand are in my DOMA archiv, so enjoy browsing them.”


But anyway I needed another resting period (3.4.→7.4.) after this camp, which suited my plans perfectly.

swedishleague#-long(c)Tuve_Möller.jpgI found out that after resting periods my shape is not ideal, but still I had it before first round of Swedish League organized by OK Orion, which took place near Karlskrona in Blekinge area. I was looking forward to test my shape after undisturbed winter training. I did a decent races, which led to a nice placement (7&6th place long/middle). On one hand there weren’t most of the national team runners, which made it much easier. On the other hand the Swedish base is so wide that I had enough rivals to “fight” with. Comparison of me(6th +2:13) & Gustav Bergman(2nd +0:07), who injured his big toe during last training in Estonia, at SL_middle#2.

“More comments to those races in annex at DOMA.”

Livelox (GPS tracking) long / middle

And because of my two decent races I’m sitting on the third place in current standings of Swedish League. It’s a pity I won’t be able to compete at all stages.SwedishLeague

Winter preparation in numbers:

So far… 398,1h (301,0h running → AP 58%, ANP 5%) → 54% terrain (43% map = 128,5h), strength 67,9h (13,8h-running 54,1h-core) → 150 days (319 sessions), 0 sickness

One last thing I want to share with you. My season 2016 had to be pretty good, because I’m currently on 16th palce in WRE, which is my PB. and means a perfect starting position on important races.iof_ranking-current_position

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