World Cup 2019+

I would like to express my frustration (dissatisfaction/disapproval) with the further development of the World Cup format.

Why are we focusing so much on sprint orienteering nowadays? Is it because of making Orienteering more popular for TV?! I think, and I’m not the only one, that you can do a perfect TV broadcast from long distance, which can be even better than knock out sprint, sprint or middle. At the premiere of KO-S in Prague nobody knew in the final, where the butterfly took a part, who’s leading till the last common control. How can this be the way for non orienteering audience, when even orienteers can not follow?! Long distance takes around five hours. TV team can collect material from the first four hours and  shorten them to one by showing only interesting things like: comparison of individual variants among the current leaders, interesting shots, accelerated GPS animations and most of all split times up to the last hour, when the live broadcast will take part.

“XC skiing made a huge mistake by going all in for mass starts. Races are then unattractive till the end. As was the chasing start in Norway earlier this year.

Forest disciplines and especially long distance is where the heart&soul of a real orienteer becomes overwhelmed.”

IOF, please do NOT take it from us!

As you can see below the only true long distance next year, as a part of World Cup, will be the one at WOC in Norway. ONLY one from nine races included in WC. So most of the WC rated runners won’t run any as participation at WOC is limited by quotas.


1st round (FIN): 8th June – middle, 9th June – chasing start (shortened long), 11th June – sprint relay

2nd round (NOR)/WOC: 14th August – LONG, 16th August – middle, 17th August – relay

3rd round (SUI): 27th September – middle, 28th September – knock out sprint, 29th September – sprint

4th round (CHN): 26th October – middle, 27th October – sprint relay , 28th October – sprint

Comments & opinions are most welcome at my FB-page.

MWSnap007.pngIs this still Orienteering?

Is this what most of the runners wants?

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