Orienteering Achievement of 2018: Vote Now!

It’s awesome to be chosen for final 8/16 from all of those amazing achievements of 2018 season. I really appreciate being there among such a great athletes. Thx WorldofO.com for choosing me.vote-for-achievement-800x781

I though I might be an O-idol for few young Czech runners this days, who haven’t have it in Vojtěch Král.
So I was mostly surprised by being suggested by Rotem Yasur, young guy from Israel, who wrote really nice words about me in his suggestion. For example:

“Milos is a big model for me and I am a big fan of him…

He showed everyone what he can do and how good he is. It’s definitely not the last time that we will see him on the podium !

Milos is the best surprise of the year and I am waiting to see him running in the next competition.“

I take that as a nice responsibility to continue on my journey. Finally it feels like what I’m doing has some higher sense. Showing young ones that reaching their dreams isn’t impossible, if working hard for it, even when you come from a “small” orienteering country.
poll2018_middle_ribbonSame as Ruslan, Colin, Ahmet, Gernot, Tim & Eskil has done this year.
Eskil might not come from a small orienteering country but he stepped ahead from the shadow of another legend of our time Olav, showing other young countryman that everything is possible.
Daniel has been a legend already for many many years and hopefully for many more years to come.

So, I will be very glad for every single vote I’ll receive from you, but I totally understand you for choosing someone else also.

My choice is Ruslan!


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