Name: Miloš Nykodýmwoc16-long-cworldofo
Born: 9.12.1990

Coach: MUDr. Zbyněk Pozdíšek, consultations: Jiří Hlaváč, Libor Zřídkaveselý
Clubs: SK Žabovřesky Brno (CZE), OK Linné (SWE)
Profession: athlete, Czech army & ČSOS
Profiles: Czech national teamWorld of O
Results database: IOF World RankingBestíkBestík – Czech competition until 2012 • ORIS – czech competitions

Story of my O-life: 

dym-7Spent 2012 in Kristiansand (NOR) to focus on orienteering only. Among his greatest achievements is the second place in the sprint distance at the Junior World Championship 2009 in San Martino (ITA). Italy is important in his career, because he got another great result at the World Championships in Italy in 2014, finishing 12th at WOC middle distance. Was part of the winning team at Jukola 2015 with Kristiansand OK. Another forest chance he got in long distance at WOC2016 in Sweden where he managed to finish at 14th place. Finished the 2016 season with 9th place in WC final long distance in Switzerland. In WC overall it meant he ended up at 18th place. Started 2017 with long term stay in Uppsala with his new team OK Linné and stayed there till 10mila, where they reached 2nd place. At WOC2017 he was once again part of czech’s mix relay team, where they were fighting for medals til the end (4th). After spending nine weeks in Kenya during winter 2018 the season started even better for him by defending second place at 10mila with OK Linné guys and the week after he ran all distances at EOC in Switzerland, which suited him well. Running both relays (forest&Mix) for 4th places. Then he added one top10 result in individual race at long distance with 7th place, less than two minutes behind third place. WOC18 in Latvia wasn’t so great for him running again all distances. Started pretty good with 12th place at sprint, which is suppose to be his worst distance. Mix relay team was in medal fight once again. But they didn’t reach their goal of a medal finishing 5th. individual forest distances were disaster. Forest relay on the other hand was a thriller with nine teams fighting for medal till the last leg’s last uphill. Miloš reached another 5th place with his team mates Pavel Kubát (1st leg) & Vojtěch Král (3rd leg).

Started with orienteering at age 6, because his parents were orienteers. In the begining it was just for fun, and he did other sports like baseball, skiing, biking and dancing, but since age of 14 started in the club SK Žabovřesky Brno and started to take orienteering much more seriously. Participated in three EYOCs, three JECs, two JWOCs, four WOCs, three EOCs and three Euromeetings for Czech Republic. Has around 45 medals from Czech championships. His coach Libor Zřídkaveselý is responsible for taking Miloš to the right path.

RESULTS (just from important races):dym-151

WOC 2018 – 12. sprint, 5. mix relay, 33. middle, 5. relay, 25. long
WOC 2017 – 22. sprint, 4. mix relay, 22. long
WOC 2016 – 35. sprint, 6. mix relay, 14. long
WOC 2015 – 39. sprint
WOC 2014 – 12. middle, 33. sprint
WOC 2013 – 37. sprint

EOC 2018 – 7. long, 19. middle, 4. relay, 4.mix relay
EOC 2016 – 15. long, 17. middle, 7. relay
EOC 2014 – 31. sprint
EOC 2012 – 37. long

WUOC 2016 – 4. relay, 2. mix relay, 4. sprint, 4. middle
WUOC 2014 – 2. relay, 3. mix relay, 10. sprint, 11. middle

WC 2018 overall 11. (once a WC win 6.10. middle distance)

WC 2016 overall 18.

JWOC 2010 – 6. relay, 12. long, 13. sprint
JWOC 2009 – 2. sprint, 7. relay, 12. middle, 16. long

EYOC 2008 – 4. long
EYOC2007 – 1. relay

JUKOLA 2015 –


JWOC09 Sprint (Italy)